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  1. Maxon Posty Streach mark
    Special Price AED153.00 was AED180.00
  2. MAXON Posty Cream
    Special Price AED107.00 was AED125.00
    Posty Cream nourishes and hydrates your skin a leaving it calm and smooth. Suitable for a use post laser, peeling, minor cuts, micro a abrasion, and after injections.a Learn More
  3. MAXON Inteema Spray ( 200 ml )
    Special Price AED81.00 was AED95.00
    Fast-acting formula refreshes, cleanses and balances pH levels of intimate areas. Learn More
  4. MAXON Inteema Lighthening Gel (30ml )
    Special Price AED234.00 was AED275.00
    Smoothes and lightens intimate dark areas such as the bikini zone, underarms or other sensitive areas Learn More
  5. MAXON Inteema Hydra Gel ( 40 ml )
    Special Price AED81.00 was AED95.00
    For vaginal dryness is a clear odourless gel that is aligned with your body's natural pH.Body's natural moisture, and can be used daily or before intimate activities. Learn More
  6. MAXON Inteema Feminine Wash ( 150 ml )
    Special Price AED73.00 was AED85.00
    Make a fresh start everyday with this gentle feminine wash. Reduces irritation and inflammation and leaves you feeling clean and revitalised. Learn More
  7. MAXON Hair Masque
    Special Price AED81.00 was AED95.00
    Unique hair mask that adds a moisture, suppleness, and shine to very dry a and unruly hair types. Repair and soften the hair with a each use. Learn More
  8. MAXON Ultra Care Shampoo ( 200 ml )
    Special Price AED64.00 was AED75.00
    Provides the hair with a gentle, natural care and helps in a restructuring, conditioning and a restoring the hairs natural look. Learn More
  9. MAXON Hair Rejuven Ampoules ( 10ml x 15/box)
    Special Price AED272.00 was AED320.00
    Combat lifeless locks and thinnin g tresses with these rejuvenating ampoules that breathe new life into every head of hair. Targets hair loss, broken hair, itching, dandruff and dryness of the scalp Learn More
  10. Recovery Kit (Hydramax Cleanser, Atomax, Max 100)
    Special Price AED247.00 was AED290.00
  11. MAXON Atomax Cream ( 200 ml )
    Special Price AED102.00 was AED120.00
    Long lasting a moisturizing cream designed to a calm discomfort and irritation Learn More
  12. MAXON Cellufirm ( 200 ml )
    Special Price AED153.00 was AED180.00
    Secret to a smooth cellulite-free body. Targets fatty deposits, promotes drainage, and reduces the appearance of orange-peel skin leaving you with a smooth and toned body beautiful. Learn More
  13. MAXON Colladerm Serum ( 10 ml x 3/box )
    Special Price AED243.00 was AED285.00
    • Improve elasticity, tone a and firmness , Soothes fine lines and wrinkles while a preserving the skin's natural radiance. Diminishing a the appearance of age spots, a hyperpigmentation and sun damage.
    • This youth-boosting serum is revolutionizing the anti ageing industry! Designed to stimulate collagen production, this luxurious treatment smooth fine lines and wrinkles, tones and firms your skin, and diminishes the appearance of age spots, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Packaged in an easy-to-use ampoule, this serum will leave you looking and feeling 10 years younger. Vitamin C and Tripeptide-5 smooth fine lines and wrinkles Ascorbic acid refines skin for a brighter complexion
    Learn More
  14. MAXON Eye Contour Cream ( 20 ml )
    Special Price AED124.00 was AED145.00
    Bid farewell to dark circles, puffiness and sagging skin around the eyes. It s the perfect remedy for dazzlingly beautiful eye.Improves the overall appearance of the eye area. Learn More
  15. MAXON Colladerm Cream ( 50 ml )
    Special Price AED153.00 was AED180.00
    Creamy formula, a designed to diminish and a prevent visible signs of skin a aging. Learn More
  16. MAXON Max 100 Tinted Dark ( 50 ml )
    Special Price AED106.00 was AED124.00
    Guarantee optimal, regular and long-lasting protection to the skin. - Photostable Formula - Moisturizes and smoothes the skin - Dark Shade Learn More
  17. MAXON Max 100 Tinted Light ( 50 ml )
    Special Price AED106.00 was AED124.00
    Provides ultra protection. Photostable Formula . Waterproof and perspiration resistant,Dry light touch , Light Shade Learn More
  18. MAXON Max 100 Cream ( 50 ml )
    Special Price AED106.00 was AED124.00
    Non greasy formula provides ultra-protection. Transparent Shade. Learn More
  19. MAXON Pure Derm Set
    Special Price AED230.00 was AED270.00

    Blemish-free, beautiful skin

    Learn More
  20. MAXON Pure Derm Spray ( 200 ml )
    Special Price AED132.00 was AED155.00
    Ideal solution to oily skin. It helps to clarify the appearance of breakouts while providing an instant feeling of freshness. With regular use, the skin becomes clear & smooth. Learn More
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