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Isis Ph Nano Age Serum 28Ml

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AED 250.00
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Anti-aging serum with moisturizing effect with Active ingredient: 2% hyaluronic acid serum. Due to the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, NANO AGE improves biodynamic properties of the skin:

- Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides transport of essential nutrients from the bloodstream to living skin cells, thus providing better skin nutrition. Antioxidant properties of low molecular hyaluronic acid protects the skin from free radicals, which contribute to aging skin.

- Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid on contact with water expands and creates a molecule that is highly resistant to compression. Improves skin elasticity - skin becomes firmer and more disabled.

- Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid prevents excessive loss of water and keeps it in the dermis.

As moisturizing and rejuvenating lished care or as a complement to aesthetic surgery.

-Without parabens - No phenoxyethanol - unscented

Isis Ph Nano Age Serum 28Ml
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