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Vichy Dercos Aminexil Pro (Men) Shampoo (Pack Of 12)

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For men suffering from slight to confirmed hair loss. The fruit of 10 years' research, Aminexil is an innovative pharmaceutical molecule that combats hair loss. It works by combating the stiffening of perifollicular collagen to retain flexibility and elasticity around hair roots, allowing hair to anchor itself more solidly in the scalp.
It is combined with SP 94, specifically developed to act on hair quality: by providing the bulb with energy elements needed for growth, it promotes stronger, thicker hair.
For the 1st time, their action is boosted by two stimulants:
- Arginine to stimulate blood microcirculation, and help provide nutrients that favour bulb grow.
- The new gentle massaging applicator with rounded, ergonomic, white bronze tip suits all hair types, even the most sensitive.
Specifically developed for targeted application and better distribution, it can be massaged directly onto the scalp, thus stimulating microcirculation. Density is recovered and the hair is strengthened.

How to use:

Apply 1 dose per day for intensive treatment, 3 per week for upkeep, for 6 weeks. Hold the applicator vertically. Turn fully until the applicator can no longer be moved. Press down on the seal and apply section by section. Massage into the scalp. Leave in without rinsing. Available in formulas specially designed for men or women to provide the best care for your needs.

Vichy Dercos Aminexil Pro (Men) Shampoo (Pack Of 12)
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